Group managers

Arijus Ramonas

Was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. He grew up and studied in Klaipeda. Later, Ramonas studied at Admiral S. Makarov Engineering Institute in Leningrad, Russia, and became a professional in Mechanical Engineering. He began his career in Lithuanian maritime shipping in 1986. In 1992, Ramonas had founded and began to manage the company ARIJUS. In 2001, he served as a Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. From 2002 to 2006, Ramonas managed the company UAB KURŠIŲ LINIJA and later returned to work in ARIJUS. Since 2008, Ramonas is a General Director of ARIJUS, UAB.

Tadas Ramonas

Was born, raised and studied in Kaunas. Tadas obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Communication from ISM University and later continued his studies in the ISM Global Leadership and Strategy master's program in Vilnius and in the Master in Management Sustainable Innovation program at Kedge University in Bordeaux, France. From 2013 began his career as a Quality Manager. In 2017, he became the Sales and Rental Department Manager at the semi-trailer manufacturer Van Hool and in 2019, he founded and led the company's Training Center. From 2023, Tadas Ramonas became the Executive Director of ARIJUS, UAB.

Eglė Ambrasienė

Eglė was born and raised in Plungė. Graduated financial management at Kaunas University of Technology. In 2005, she started working in ARIJUS, UAB in as an accountant. And since 2020 Eglė is Head of the Finance and Risk Management Division.

Egidijus Ramonas

Born in Kaunas, grew up and studied in Klaipeda, Lithuania. He studied at Medical Institute, worked as a medical doctor. Later, Ramonas changed the nature of work and began to work in ARIJUS in 1996. He had participated in various courses and trainings for several years. Currently, Ramonas works as the company's Marketing and Development Director and is responsible for the development of new services, client attraction and marketing strategy.

Tomas Motijauskas

Was born, raised and studied in Klaipėda. He studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Klaipėda University and in 2004 obtained a bachelor's degree in business management and administration. In 2008 obtained a master's degree in Port Management at the Faculty of Marine Engineering of Klaipėda University. While studying, he started working at ARIJUS, UAB. In 2003-2005 he worked in the export department of "Kuršių Linija", in 2005-2008 became a leader of the Ocean Lines Department, in 2008-2010 he headed the Container Lines Department, and in 2011 he became the Director of the Forwarding Department.

Arvydas Valiulis

Born and raised in Klaipėda. Studied at Klaipėda University Nautical Institute and obtained a degree in Engineering. In 2001, while still in his final year of studies, started working at ARIJUS, UAB. In 2003-2011, worked in Marikonta UAB, a subsidiary of ARIJUS, UAB, collaborating with NYK Line, Hoyer Global Transport and Hyundai Merchant Marine shipping lines. In 2012, returned to ARIJUS, UAB shipping lines department, and in 2019 became the company's Director of Operations. In 2024 he starts new position as Director of Road Haulage Department.