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2020 03 01



From February 16 till 20 in Dubai took place one of the largest Food and beverage event trade exhibition.
Different companies from all over the world annually take part in this event. Based on the statistics on average 100k visitors from 180 countries participate in the event which is in top 3 food events globally. Following sectors where represented: Dairy, Meat & Paultry, Beverages, world food, fats & oils.
For Arijus this was first time participating on a Gulf Food. One of the primary goals was to meet current partners from different countries such as Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Ukraine, Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen and establish new contacts with manufacturers and traders from other regions. Also considering the fact that Arijus in Belarus builds strong and long term relations with different dairy and meat exporters from Belarus it was highly important to support its partners participating in different negotiations which were held on the Belarus stand. During the event there were held numerous discussions on new export contracts and Arijus was represented as a logistics provider for export deliveries of Belarus plants. Some new contracts had been signed right on the Exhibition and upon arrival from Dubai we managed to handle different orders to world wide directions. Among them Syria, UAE, China and different other directions which are in the process of development and further export.
Considering the experience and number of new contacts and support from different enterprises Arijus moves further to become strong player on the market of Food commodities, supporting not only Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic exporters, but partnering with global traders and manufacturers from different part of the world.