2019 01 01


LiMA (Lithuanian Marketing Association) unites the marketing community and is the strongest trade union in Lithuania. It has over 900 members, organises conferences and seminars, as well as carries out certification of professionals in this field.
The divisions of the association operate in Vilnius, Kaunas, KlaipÄ—da and Šiauliai.
The association unites natural persons and, since 2008, legal entities as well. LiMA engages professionals from a variety of business areas. It happens quite frequently that the discussions of marketing specialists from diametrically opposite areas reveal new opportunities, enable to take a look at things from different positions, and results precisely in such a variety of opinions that cannot be obtained in any branch-based association or through an internal discussion within a company.
LiMA has been carrying out its activities for 14 years now. The Marketing Specialist Association (MSA) founded in 2004 was renamed the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) in 2008 based on the experience of foreign colleagues.